Fontage has served its purpose. It was created in the first days of the Web, when there was no sorted collection of true type fonts. Now, they're all over the place. I'd like to think I started something.

I found that the images didn't show up well in the new environments. Creating a few at a time, every month, was one thing. Recreating the better part of 4000 images? Uh, no.

Fontage was my first website. From it, I learned HTML, CSS, Javascript. I'm not good at creating Wordpress themes from scratch, but being able to read the CSS file, I can beat the thing into a shape I want. What's also fun is when I change "border=0" to "border=1" and show people why I'm wincing at their code.

Anyway, adios. I thank you all who visited for making my effort more than just a silly project.

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